Pistons & Pints at Fat Paddy's

What a great time everyone had at Fat Paddy's last night. Notice that I spelled it with Ds instead of Ts. Well, it was St. Patrick's Day and we like to do things British. Hence the spelling. We had 20 people at this event. They were: Bill Michael, Robbie Chenoweth, Angie Chenoweth, Jamie Chenoweth, Charles Justice, Cindy Justice, Connie Mason, Mark Mason, Earl Arentz, Richard Stephenson, Larry Stonestreet, Thomas Stratton, Mark White, Connie White, Pam Blackwood, Dan Blackwood, Todd File, Kevin Roberts, Dave Neil, and Steve Ewing. We talked about everything from politics to cars. We welcomed our newest members Todd File and Thomas Stratton. But what's up with Dan and Blueberrys in wheat bee

2016 World of Wheels

We had 4 members in this show. Bill Michael, Kevin Roberts, John Riffe, and Don Gross. It was a very good show this year. They had lots of trophies so everyone got one. Kevin was the big winner with 2 first place trophies and $150.00. He beat me by the slimmest of margins. Kevin's very cool Lexan insert between his roll bars. It doubles as his 3rd brake light. John Riffe with his 1st. place trophy. This car is for sale for $37,500 which is exactly the right price based on our research. Bill Michael with his 1st place trophy. I'm sorry but I didn't get a photo of Don Gross with his trophy for his Studebaker pick up truck. This was his first show and I think he really liked it. Hopefully he'll

Early March Madness

We've gone out on a limb and changed our meetings drastically. We've decided to dispense with reading minutes, treasurer's report and all that boring stuff. Instead, our meetings are now mostly just car talk which is what most people seemed to want. We will, of course, still have to have motions and votes on things like spending significant amounts of money and other things that would warrant membership approval. Everyone seemed to like the new format. Just so you know, we decided that this blog would replace the minutes of our meetings. I'll include all the relevant information that would normally be in the minutes but in a different format. Here we go! We had our meeting at Kevin Robert's

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