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What a Duo! Cars & Technology!

I just read, with great interest, the article in the June issue of Motor Trend. As many of you know, I'm a car enthusiast just like you, but like many others of you I'm a technology enthusiast. The speculation in this article is very intriguing. The merging of personal transportation and the electronic personal assistant that our phones have become is something that isn't going to slow down. If anything, it will develop at an even faster rate than it already is. The possibilities are mind boggling. According to Motor Trend, Apple has $216 billion dollars in cash stashed around the world. Again, according to Motor Trend that's enough money to buy the outstanding stock of GM, Ford, and Fiat Ch

Saint Albans Arti Gras 2016

Saturday evening was the Saint Albans Arti Gras event. Todd Gambill, the organizer, invited our club and only our club to display our cars. The assumption being that our cars are art and should be considered as such. We even say that in our club charter. We had 7 cars in attendance. Jim and Rusty Patrick brought “Wilbur” their Austin Healy Sprite, I had my trusty TR6, John Riffe had his fabulous MGB, Kevin Roberts had is Jaguar, Steve Ewing had his Jaguar, Larry and Chris Kopelman had their Jaguar and Todd Gambill had his Jaguar. As you can see, the Jaguar marque was well represented but that's OK. The Jaguar is probably the most artistic of the British marques. I wish we could have had an E

Fun Times Playing with Cars!

While many of you were enjoying the Arti Gras, a few of us were turning wrenches in the futile hopes of someday achieving the level of perfection of those cars recognized as art by the city of St. Albans. Westernmost WVBCCer Jim Blackwood hosted a work weekend for little british cars at his shop in Florence, Ky. BritishV8 folks from Tennessee (Carl Floyd) and South Carolina (Steve Degroat) came to work on a chump car that they along with Jim, Jim's oldest son Dave and I may eventually campaign on the chump racing circuit. That car is a 79 MGB and it has been stripped down and converted to a 3.1 GM V6 power plant with T5 transmission. Lucky for Barry McCoy, we had no need for the MG Overd

Mayberry's had a cruise in and we went.

Mayberry's had a cruise in and three of us went. I was there, Kevin Roberts was there and Larry Kopelman was there. I was the only british car. Kevin had his great looking Miata and Larry had his T-Bird. We had a great time and since we were there after the sun went down I was able to check to see if I had wired my headlights backwards. You know, like when your high beams point down instead of up. Well luckily I had wired them correctly. I was mistaken in thinking they were pointing down and in fact they are pretty close on alignment. I'll have to work on that soon. Mayberry's had some trophies but we don't know if we won anything since we couldn't hear from where we were. Oh well, maybe nex


What If? I spoke with Andrew Smith today. Andrew is the Executive Director of the Braxton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. He's interested in doing some kind of car event and contacted me, at the behest of Gil Frederick, about some ideas. We talked about traditional car shows but then he mentioned having a car rally. He didn't really know what a car rally entailed and I told him what I knew about them, which is very little. Only that they sound like a lot of fun. Then I thought WHAT IF? What if; we, the WVBCC, could be involved in the only rally to be held in WV? What if; it was a great success and became an annual event? What if; it became so popular that car enthusiasts from all over

Pistons & Pints at Happy Days

Pistons & Pints at Happy Days We had light attendance but some great car talk. Larry Kopelman was back from Florida and it was great to see him. Kevin Roberts and his daughter were there. Steve Ewing was also there and we talked about the Myaberry's cruise in Friday night. I'll be there and Kevin, Larry and Steve said they may be there. Mark Mason and Connie were there and Mark said he might come to Mayberry's as well. Dave Neil and Barry McCoy were also there and talking cars. Dan Blackwood talked about his transmission rebuild. Specifically lining up the two sets of splines. That seemed to be a great discovery. I also had a great discovery while working on my alternator. I took it apart to

Monthly Meeting at Golden Corral (Minutes)

It was another great meeting at the Golden Corral. Dan Blackwood, our President started us off by going around the room and asked each of us to tell who we were and talk about our current car project. Dan is in the process of replacing the windshield on his TR4A. When he opened the new windshield from The Roadster Factory he discovered that it was cracked. He has contacted TRF but this should remind all of us to open parts when you get them. They could be damaged or they could be the wrong part. Dan has since heard back from Chuck in customer service at TRF and they are willingly working to correct the problem. Dan will receive a new windshield and UPS wants to look at the crate. Barry McCo