This is not suppose to happen!!!

It is with great sadness that I must report that on the way home from the 6-Pack TRials in Ohio, Bill Hall had an accident. It happened in Columbus. He and I were traveling together and I missed a turn. In our attempt to get back on the route, Bill was hit by another car. The only good news is that no one was injured. Bill thinks his car is a total loss. As time passes, the right course of action for Bill will come to light. The other good news is that he intends to fix or replace his TR6. He said, "I won't be without one". You GO Bill! Here are the gruesome pictures. #Ofinteresttocarpeople

September Monthly Meeting

At 9:30am we had about 5 members in the room. This always makes me nervous. By the time Dan started the meeting at 10:00 AM, all the folks below had shown up: Mark Mason Ken Rubin Bill Michael Bill Hall Nathan Arnette Larry Stonestreet Bill Halstead Dave Neil Dan Blackwood Larry Kopelman Earl Arentz Steve Ewing Bob Waldron Don Gross We started with upcoming events so that the members who couldn't stay for the whole meeting would know what's coming up. The Rock the Park Show at Kanawha State Forest is today after the meeting. No one wanted to go but I decided to check it out. I went there and it was a gorgeous drive. I only stayed a little while because when I stood up after sitting on a bale  © West Virginia British Car Club