Spring 2017 Gauley Mountain Cruise

Due to the heavy rains on Friday, we discovered that there was a mudslide near Smithers, so there was a flurry of email about the status of our drive for Saturday. Someone suggested leaving an hour later in order to allow the roads to dry out some. The yard sale at Laidley Field resulted in our meeting spot being full of cars, but we met there anyway, parking in the aisles. It really didn't seem to bother anyone, and several yard sale shoppers checked out our cars as they went by. We left at 10, with me leading the way in my TR4A. There were 5 MGBs, Mark and Connie, Jamie and Angie, Nathan, Dave and Kevin with his newly acquired GT. Also in the pack was Richard and his low-flying airplan

May Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club Minutes of Meeting May 6th, 2017 Golden Corral, Cross Lanes, WV The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Kevin Roberts. Fifteen members were in attendance: Kevin Roberts, Jim Lee, Dave Neil, Dan Blackwood, Steve Ewing, Jamie Chenoweth, Mark Mason, Larry Stonestreet, George White, Larry Kopelman, Ken Rubin, Nathan Arnett, Alex Watt, Charlie Justice and Cindra Justice. Old business discussed: Upcoming British V-8 picnic - Dan Blackwood stated registration closed May 1st, however, they will accept late registrations. You also can participate in other events but don’t have to attend the whole weekend. New Business discussed: 1. Jamie Chenoweth gave a Treasurer’s Repo

June Monthly Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Minutes WV British Car Club Minutes of Meeting June 3, 2017 Golden Corral, Cross Lanes, WV Members Present were: Ken Rubin, Larry Stonestreet, Bill Michael, John Riffe, George White, Dave Neil, Dan Blackwood, Mark Mason, Barry McCoy, Bob Wright, Richard Stephenson, Richard Reese, Jim Schuman, Earl Arentz, Larry Kopleman, William Hall. The meeting was called to order by President, Bill Michael. No door prize this month, as the president left it in his other vehicle (or at least that’s his story). However, he did have several nice stickers for everyone in the group. Each member introduced themselves and their car(s), plus a few British car horror stories to share with the group. O

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