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Our meeting was started with a great blessing, Dave Neil showed up for a visit. It was so great to see Dave again and to here he is doing better and hoping to get active in club events again.


President Mark Mason opened the meeting with members projects: There were 15 members present.


Richard Reese gave an update on his 65-B he is restoring. He hopes to have it ready for DO-WOP

Josh Miller updated us on his MGA

Richard Stehenson  talked  about how pleased he was with new tires for his MGC





SUNDAY 3RD Jackson Ohio Gathering

Labor Day  Golden Oldies Car Show

Sept. 11 th  British car show Cincinnati, Oh.

Sept.17th.  Club Picnic at Little Creek Park

Sept. 24th. RR Days St. Albans Esquires play 2to4 at the Depot

Oct 15th  WVBCC Car Show

Dec. 16th Christmas Party

Parking will be allowed by members at Shoneys for DO_WOP




Bill Michael made motion to  have $500 budget for  picnic 2nd by Barry McCoy


Mark talked about clubs policy on e-mails. We have 58 paid members, but twice that which have not paid dues and still receive e-mails. After this mailing if those who haven’t paid don’t respond they will be removed from e-mailing list.


Elections are due in November, so nominations were made for offices:

President  Mark Mason

Vice-President  Barry McCoy

Secretary Josh Miller 

Treasure Jamie Chenoweth


A big thank you goes out to Bill Michael for his work on our web-page.


Mark had something new, he gave out 3 President Awards to members who have went above and beyond to help out the CLUB:


Richard Reese for having our meetings at his garage when needed;

Larry Kopelman for securing locations for many club events;

Bill Michael for all his work in getting our web-page up and working again;


Next Meeting  OCT. 1st location to be announced.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45


August 2022 Minutes

August Meeting Minutes WVBritishCarClub August13,2022

Members Present were: Mark Mason, David Chenoweth, Barry McCoy, Roger McCoy, Eric Stuber, Larry Kopelman, Bill Michael, Paul Rutledge, Richard Reese, Kevin Halloran, Dan Blackwood, Jamie Chenoweth, Charles Hypes, Josh Miller, George White, Jim Patrick, Mike Goodwin, William Hall.

Mark Mason called the meeting to order at 10:40 AM. The meeting was held at Mark's property at the Roxalana Plaza.

Mark began the meeting welcoming our new member: Mike Goodwin, of Sissonville, who owns a 1976 MGB.

Mark asked for a progress report on club member projects with their cars:
- Jamie Chenoweth - Getting close to getting his XKE on the ground and running - Josh Miller- also making progress on his MGA project

WVBCC Website Update Project: Mark asked if anyone could take on the updating and managing of the club's website. There is quite a lot ofwork involved to keep the website current, thus, this is a big commitment. Bill Michael volunteered to take this on, and to get the calendar updated as soon as possible, as several members have inquired about it.

Mark asked everyone around the room to introduce themselves and their cars for the benefit of our new members.

It was noted that the WCBCC will no longer be attending the bar at the annual East Bank Reunions as the reunion committee will handle this going forward. This has been a good source of fund raising for the club in pastyears.

The discussion turned to upcoming events:

- Today, after the meeting will be a cruise to Big Bend Golf Course where we will have lunch and a"Putt Putt" golftournament.

- Wed 8/17/22 - Pints & Pistons at "The Pitch Sports Bar & Grill" in Dunbar - 6PM

- Thurs 8/18/22 - Summer Fest, So Charleston - Esquires are playing at 6PM

- Sat 8/20/22 - Larry Bailey's Solid Gold Car Show at Goldtown, WV, 10AM, saluting Super Duper Charley Cooper

- Sun 9/4/22 - Greg & Kay Ervin's British Motorcycle & Car Show at their home in Jackson, OH 1 - 4PM. Ifyou have attended before, you will receive an invitation from the Ervin's. RSVP required as they will supply box lunches for everyone attending. You may bring a desert item, however.

- Fri & Sat Sept 9 & 10,2022 - Racine, Ohio's "Party in the Park"; Saturday Car Show - may cruise to the car show from Charleston

- Sun Sept11,2022 - British Car Day, Cincinnati, OH, at a new location - Village Green Park in Fairfield, OH. This year's featured marque is the MGB. There will be a swap meet and usually there is a good T- Shirtforthe event.

- Wed - Sat Oct 5-8, 2022 - Charleston's Rod Run & Doo Wop Car Show on Kanawha Blvd. Early Reg ends August 31st. This will be the final year for this show.

- Sat Oct 15, 2022 - WVBCC Car Show at the Beni Kedem Temple parking lot from 10AM - 4PM.

- Fri Dec16,2022 - WCBCC Annual Christmas Party at the Beni Kedem Temple in Charleston from 6 - 9PM.

With no further business to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned to the parking lot at 11:40AM for the members to cruise to Big Bend GolfCourse.



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