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September 21, 2019

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September 12, 2016

It is with great sadness that I must report that on the way home from  the 6-Pack TRials in Ohio, Bill Hall had an accident. It happened in Columbus. He and I were traveling together and I missed a turn. In our attempt to get back on the route, Bill was hit by another car. The only good news is that no one was injured.

Bill thinks his car is a total loss. As time passes, the right course of action for Bill will come to light. The other good news is that he intends to fix or replace his TR6. He said, "I won't be without one". You GO Bill!

Here are the gruesome pictures.

August 2, 2016

Congratulations to Rick and Prema Ray for having their beautiful Triumph TR8 featured on the cover of the summer 2016 Victoria British catalog. Rick and Prema both will tell you that the Lord has blessed them greatly and this accolade is just another example of His blessings.

Read the full story at britishsportscarlife.com

June 28, 2016

We met the nicest people, Jim and Donna Ward from Arlington, VA. They are the proud owners of an original Shelby Cobra.

The title of the blog came from the story Jim told about Carroll Shelby signing the owner's manual. Jim saw no need for Carroll to sign the car since it was obvious that it was a Carroll Shelby creation. He did, however, want him to sign the owner's manual. Carroll did but commented that it was a Shelby Cobra and not an AC Cobra as the owner's manual said. That's when he marked through AC and wrote Shelby instead.

Carroll was a true marketer as well as all the other accomplishments on his resume.

Here's the story of...

May 19, 2016

Ken Rubin, our veteran who earned the Distinguished Service Cross, invited us to participate in this parade. We wanted to support, not only Ken, but all of the Vietnam Veterans.

Of course Ken was there with his beautiful wife Barbara, I was there, Barry McCoy came in from Ohio and Steve Ewing was there. All of us have been associated with the military in one way or another. Ken as a bonafide hero, me as a Vietnam era veteran, Barry as a Vietnam era veteran and our resident military expert and star of many Military Channel TV shows Steve Ewing. Steve was also the curator of the Naval museum at Patriots Point in South Carolina, home...

May 14, 2016

I just returned from four days in the Smokies, looking at some of the coolest British cars around.  The 20th annual BritishV8 Meet was held at the Talley Ho Inn in Townsend, Tennessee.  

Some of the highlights of the meet, besides looking at the interesting ways people have adapted their LBCs to perform better, was a visit to the Tennessee Aircraft Museum, drives in the Smokies, and of course the Tail of the Dragon.  The meet was capped off with a fine barbecue dinner and local old-time musicians playing stringed instruments including dulcimers, banjos, fiddles, mandolin, guitar, etc.

As most of you know, Jim Blackwood and I, b...

April 25, 2016

I just read, with great interest, the article in the June issue of Motor Trend.


As many of you know, I'm a car enthusiast just like you, but like many others of you I'm a technology enthusiast. The speculation in this article is very intriguing. The merging of personal transportation and the electronic personal assistant that our phones have become is something that isn't going to slow down. If anything, it will develop at an even faster rate than it already is. The possibilities are mind boggling.


According to Motor Trend, Apple has $216 billion dollars in cash stashed around the world. Again, according to Motor Trend that's enou...

April 24, 2016

While many of you were enjoying the Arti Gras, a few of us were turning wrenches in the futile hopes of someday achieving the level of perfection of those cars recognized as art by the city of St. Albans.  Westernmost WVBCCer Jim Blackwood hosted a work weekend for little british cars at his shop in Florence, Ky.  BritishV8 folks from Tennessee (Carl Floyd) and South Carolina (Steve Degroat) came to work on a chump car that they along with Jim, Jim's oldest son Dave and I may eventually campaign on the chump racing circuit.  That car is a 79 MGB and it has been stripped down and converted to a 3.1 GM V6 power plant with T5 transmi...

April 14, 2016

What If?


I spoke with Andrew Smith today. Andrew is the Executive Director of the Braxton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. He's interested in doing some kind of car event and contacted me, at the behest of Gil Frederick, about some ideas. We talked about traditional car shows but then he mentioned having a car rally. He didn't really know what a car rally entailed and I told him what I knew about them, which is very little. Only that they sound like a lot of fun.


Then I thought WHAT IF?


What if; we, the WVBCC, could be involved in the only rally to be held in WV?


What if; it was a great success and became an annual event?



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