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November 16, 2019

September 21, 2019

September 21, 2019

September 1, 2019

June 20, 2019

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September 21, 2019

Charlie, Cindra, Mark, Connie & Dave departed from St. Albans and cruised down Route 60.  Along the way, we picked up Rick and Prema in Hurricane, then Dan and Pam west of Culloden.   After a brief stint down I-64 to bypass the downtown Huntington activities, we picked up Roger and Trish in Ceredo.  We took Route 168 and Skyline Drive to bypass all of the Ashland activities.   After a stop for refreshments at the Ashland DQ, we made our way down Route 60 to Grayson and then in to Carter Caves.  It was all in all about a couple of hours of windshield time.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Lodge.  Some liked the foo...

February 14, 2019

Our annual Valentines Day Dinner was held on February the 14th at Angela's on the River in beautiful downtown St. Albans. Everyone had a great time and as usual the food was excellent but the service was a little slow. I think that's understandable since they had to serve 33 people all at the same time. Next year I think we will ask them to do a buffet. I've been to functions there when the food was served buffet style and it was excellent.

I welcomed everyone to the dinner and expressed my gratitude for the attendance. It seems like every time we have a function the number of people grows and this year was no exception. I am honor...

September 2, 2018

The WVBCC participated in Greg & Kay Ervin's all british car show at their home in Jackson, OH.

Greg & Kay have been hosting this show at their elegant home for several years now. I think this is the 35th anniversary show. We've been going for the past 4 years. We always have a good time and the food is outstanding.

We were able to display our cars along with the other British cars mostly from the Jackson area. Greg invited us a few years ago and I think he is pleasantly surprised that we show up every year. The car count seemed to be a little down this year but the fun and enjoyment weren't.

The photos tell the story. You can see wh...

September 1, 2018

September Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club

Minutes of Meeting

September 1, 2108

Golden Corral, Cross Lanes, WV

Members Present were: Bill Michael, Dan Blackwood, Barry McCoy, David Neil, Larry Stonestreet, Kevin Roberts, Jamie Chenoweth, Charles & Cindra Justice, Steve Ewing, Richard Stephenson, Mark White, Mark Mason, Don Fugate, Nathan Arnett, Larry Kopelman, William Hall.

The meeting was called to order by President, Bill Michael at 9:45AM. He welcomed all attending members; no new members in attendance.

Bill opened the meeting by asking for volunteers for an associate secretary to fill in during the months of January to April when...

June 15, 2018

The offices of Hill, Petersen, Carper, Bee & Dietzler were alive with British car enthusiast. Our evening was hosted by Charlie & Cindra Justice with help from Mark & Connie Mason.

This was our biggest Pistons & Pints ever. We had 30 club members there. Those who came were:

Dan & Pam Blackwood and their grandaughter

Ken Rubin

Mark & Connie Mason

Bill & Gayle Michael

Charlie & Cindra Justice

Bill & Lillie Hall

Don & Anne Fugate

Bob & Marijane Waldron

Don & Susan Jeffers

Larry Stonestreet 

Richard Stephenson

Larry & Chris Kopelman

Brent Van Deysen

Jamie & Angie Chenoweth

Dave Chenoweth

Steve Ewing

Jim & Rusty Patrick

Dave Neil

Entertainment was...

May 9, 2018

WOW, what a great car show. I don't think the term "Car Show" does justice to this event. Perhaps I am a little more taken than others because this was my first Concours d'Elegance. Even with the rain I had a great time. I guess it goes without saying that The Greenbrier is a fabulous place and a great place to have a Concours.

The weekend started with a beautiful, top down, drive down Midland Trail to Lewisburg. We've driven this route before but it is a beautiful drive and the mountains just add to the fun. We had a leisurely drive and didn't push the cars much. I was in the lead followed by Mark and Connie Mason in their MGB, be...

July 2, 2017

Mark and Connie and Barry put on another great cruise. This one was a leisurely drive on Rt. 21 to Ripley and then on to Pomeroy using the back roads.

When we cruise Gauley Mountain it's usually a tire squalling, engine roaring, g pulling event that requires all of your concentration because we are driving our cars close to the limit. It's great fun but this cruise was one where you could cruise along and gather your thoughts about how special our cars are and what a great country we live in.

I thought about our freedom and all of those who have gone before so that we can enjoy this freedom. Ken Rubin being with us was a good remind...

June 10, 2017

British cars with big engines and British car lovers with big hearts. What could be better?

The West Virginia British Car Club was honored to be able to host the British V8 club with a picnic at the shelter at Hawks Nest State Park Overlook in Anstead, WV. God gave us West Virginia to enjoy and He also gave us perfect weather for the picnic. We had about 85 people enjoying some great hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixins.

We had some great conversations and saw some amazing cars. The innovation and quality of the modifications to our beloved British cars was nothing short of phenomenal. Who knew you could fit an entire Corvette LS...

December 11, 2016

I don't think I'm to only one who had a great time at our Christmas Party. Once again our host and hostess, Charles & Cindra Justice, provided a venue that was stellar. 

From the stirring conversation, to the food, to the entertainment, to the gift exchange, I just don't think it could have been better. We saw some members we hadn't seen for a while and some regulars were unable to make it. I think we had about 40 people in attendance.

And what about the video that Charles put together. It included some great pictures, some great cars, and photos of our members and their cars. There were some other cars in the video that we don't ha...

October 16, 2016

It appears that Sundays are a popular day for cruises. We had 13 cars participate in this cruise and it was absolutely perfect. I believe that's a record number of cars to go on a cruise. Mark and Connie worked together to plan the route and secure a lunch venue that couldn't be beat.

We mustered (Navy talk) at our normal place. The parking lot at the corner of Washington and Greenbrier Streets. Then it was on to Glen Ferris. Also a familiar place for our group. From there we cruised up Gauley Mountain to Hawks Nest.

You know; we've done this drive many times now and I think it's just perfect for our cars. We get to listen to the ex...

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