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What If?

I spoke with Andrew Smith today. Andrew is the Executive Director of the Braxton County Convention and Visitors Bureau. He's interested in doing some kind of car event and contacted me, at the behest of Gil Frederick, about some ideas. We talked about traditional car shows but then he mentioned having a car rally. He didn't really know what a car rally entailed and I told him what I knew about them, which is very little. Only that they sound like a lot of fun.

Then I thought WHAT IF?

What if; we, the WVBCC, could be involved in the only rally to be held in WV?

What if; it was a great success and became an annual event?

What if; it became so popular that car enthusiasts from all over the state were to participate?

What if; it grew to the point that car enthusiasts from all over the eastern part of the country showed up to run the WVBCC Rally?

What if; it were to be held in conjunction with a really high end car show similar to Pebble Beach or Amelia Island?


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