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Fun Times Playing with Cars!

While many of you were enjoying the Arti Gras, a few of us were turning wrenches in the futile hopes of someday achieving the level of perfection of those cars recognized as art by the city of St. Albans. Westernmost WVBCCer Jim Blackwood hosted a work weekend for little british cars at his shop in Florence, Ky. BritishV8 folks from Tennessee (Carl Floyd) and South Carolina (Steve Degroat) came to work on a chump car that they along with Jim, Jim's oldest son Dave and I may eventually campaign on the chump racing circuit. That car is a 79 MGB and it has been stripped down and converted to a 3.1 GM V6 power plant with T5 transmission. Lucky for Barry McCoy, we had no need for the MG Overdrive that came in the car. He was able to negotiate a deal with Jim to purchase the gearbox to upgrade his '68 B. Barry and his brother drove down from Pomeroy on Saturday to complete the deal and pick up the tranny. I think they were headed to Bass Pro Shop too.

In this picture are Barry's brother (blue on left), Barry, Jim, Matthew Blackwood behind Jim, Dave, and Carl leaning on the car.

Later, we got my orange TR7 1uz project out and started working on the ignition system. Last time we worked on it, after some discussion, I decided to go with a Ford EDIS 8 wasted spark ignition controlled by Megasquirt.

This required a 36-1 trigger wheel. I found that we can use the original Lexus crank trigger with a modified wheel. The wheel I got fits a Tundra, but was 36-2, and the minus two teeth were in the wrong position. "No problem" Jim says, and welds two teeth back on the wheel. Then we determined the location for the minus one tooth and he ground it off. Then we mounted the trigger wheel on the engine.

We also created mounts for the EDIS coil packs and module.

Fun times playing with cars!


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