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Pistons & Pints in May

Pistons & Pints was not as well attended as the first one we had. The first one at Fat Patty's had 20 attendees. The next one was a Happy Days Cafe and we had 10 people. We thought that the lack of pints may have kept the attendance down so we added the pints back by having it at Fat Patty's again this month. The attendance was still at 10.

Next month will be more popular because we are planning a cookout at St. Albans Roadside Park. It's scheduled for Tuesday June 14th. at the usual hour of 6 PM. Kevin Roberts has graciously volunteered to do the cooking. The club will provide the burgers, buns, chips, condiments, etc. and you get to bring your favorite brew.

This month was a different bunch of folks as well as some of the ones who usually attend. I was there, Kevin Roberts and Jennifer were there, Dave Neil showed up and Charles and Cindy Justice were there. Earl Arentz surprised us when he showed up and Bill Hall came in from Huntington. Barry McCoy is faithful in attending these functions even though he has the longest drive. He's in Ohio. Dan Blackwood was there and Pam showed up a little after everyone else.

Here are the photos.

We may have been small in number but we made up for it in spirited conversation. We talked about everything from politics to V8s. We even talked about porta potties. Did you know that those things save 250 million gallons of fresh water a year? That's what the sign on the door says. I told Gayle that I was going to install one of them in our bathroom. I like to be as ecologically responsible as the next guy.

When it came to cars we went from one end of the spectrum to the other. We discussed Bill Hall's brake problems and Jim Blackwood's V8 adventures. He's quite an engineer. Dan told us about an adjustable spoiler he has installed on the back of an MGB that changes pitch based on speed. All of that is of course to hold the thing on the road since it does have a big V8 power plant. Then we moved on to Charles' 1946 Willys. Barry was pretty interested in that since he worked on em when he was in the military. I guess he was in the Army. I know we didn't have many Jeeps in the Navy. They tend to sink.

Of course we relived the Hawks Nest Cruise. There was some debate as to what that car was. We saw a sports car on the mountain that had one of those black and white vinyl wraps that disguised the car. We couldn't tell what it was. Kevin Worthy thought Corvette, I thought Aston Martin and Barry thought Jaguar. What it tells me is that one of the manufacturers had discovered Gauley Mountain as a great test road. I agree.

Until next Blog.



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