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Rally in the Valley, Midway Ford Car Show

The car show boys were at it again at Midway Ford. I brought my TR6, Kevin brought the now famous Miata, John had his MGB and Paul Davis brought his most excellent Mustang. We've been to this show in the past and have always enjoyed it. There were a couple of changes this year. Last year they had free hot dogs, this year ... not free.

They also had a rolling road, that's how the british say it. I'm not sure how much it cost to put your car on the dyno but I know it wasn't free. It was a great opportunity to blow up your car and a couple of guys did. One guy blew a radiator hose and another lost the drive shaft. We opted not to put our cars at risk.

There was a beautiful Bentley that showed up toward the end of the show. Photos below.

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