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Riverboat Museum

The weather was absolutely perfect today for a cruise. There were 10 cars and 16 people on this cruise. We took Rt. 35 to Point Pleasant and watched a little bit of their parade and then headed to the museum. Barry McCoy had arranged some great parking for us so it was only about a block and a half walk to the museum.

Here are the photos:

After the Museum we headed to Syracuse, OH, home of Barry McCoy. On the way we crossed the bridge at Pomeroy, OH. What a beautiful bridge. I think I'll have to come back and take some photos of that bridge. There were some interesting photo opps. in Pomeroy as well.

Barry had a nice hot dog lunch for us at their community Center. Who would have thought we would be having lunch in an air conditioned setting. The hot dogs were good and the stories were even better.

Barry's comments about the lunch were; We had a fun day due to perfect weather, good people and classic cars. Jack Fowler was a great host at the Museum, some of us learned about the River and others about MOTHMAN! We had several wives on the cruise and beautiful women always make the day go better. Steve had a great treat when he ran into a old High School buddy in Syracuse, which he hadn't seen in more years than he would like to admit. Our club is lucky to have Kevin Roberts. His knowledge was put to the use again when one of us had problems. We are inside eating ice cream and Kevin is outside under the hood of one of our cars working on a heating problem. It was a pleasure having everyone in my town. Thanks to you all for coming.

After lunch Barry led us across Snow Ball Hill so that we could catch I-77 home. It's a good thing he was leading because it was a circuitous route that only a local could follow. After we got on I-77 my little TR6 and I set sail and we never saw the rest of them again. I love it when my cruise control works.


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