• Bill Hall

Christmas Party 2016

I don't think I'm to only one who had a great time at our Christmas Party. Once again our host and hostess, Charles & Cindra Justice, provided a venue that was stellar.

From the stirring conversation, to the food, to the entertainment, to the gift exchange, I just don't think it could have been better. We saw some members we hadn't seen for a while and some regulars were unable to make it. I think we had about 40 people in attendance.

And what about the video that Charles put together. It included some great pictures, some great cars, and photos of our members and their cars. There were some other cars in the video that we don't have in our club but they were iconic examples of some of the best british cars ever made. "Give a Brit a piece of metal and he'll make art". Our cars are wonderful examples of that art!

Thanks again to all who helped and attended. It was a great event.



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