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Our Dayton weekend was one to be remembered!

We started with an easy drive to the Air and Space Museum. WOW what a place. It is absolutely huge. If you can imagine hangars large enough to hold multiple airplanes including bombers, fighter jets, WWI, WWII, Korean and Viet Nam era aircraft. There was more there than can be seen adequately in one visit. They even had missiles that looked as if they were ready for launch. We arrived at 11:30am and didn't leave until they closed at 5:00pm.

Then it was off to our hotel rooms to check in and get ready for dinner. We kept in touch with the Mason's and Justice's as they were on their way. The timing was perfect and we connected with each other at the Texas Steakhouse. We had a great meal and a great time. Then it was back to our hotels. Connie and Cindy were not impressed with my choice of hotels. They became suspicious when the desk clerk was surprised that they wanted the room for the entire night. And then there was the Police presence in the parking lot. But really, how nice do you really need it. All you need is a place to sleep and shower.

After breakfast we proceeded to the car show. They had a very good set-up and the park was great. Each class of car had it's own row and it was designated with a picture of the previous years winner. Kevin and I were able to park together because the MGB-GTs and early TR6s were side by side. Rick and Prema Ray were about 2 rows in front of us with Ken Rubin just a couple of more rows away. Ken had his new 2011 Jag and a new girlfriend. Both were very nice. The Jag has over 500HP; don't know about the girlfriend.

The Justice's and Mason's came in the Justice's Jeep so they were there just to see the cars and visit with us. Then Charles and Teressa Hypes showed up in their van. They sat with us a while and offered to haul anything we might have purchased at the swap meet that would have been too big for our cars.

Jim and Dan Blackwood were there with both the RoadMaster and Jim's MGB. As you might guess, Jim's MGB has a 400+ci V8 with, now get this, a blower sticking through the bonnet. It was enormous. The bonnet and front wings are joined together and open to the front with the push of a button. Pretty darn cool. Dan had his TR7 with the Lexus V8. Several of the Spurious V8 guys were there as well and it was great fun catching up with them again. They were still talking about our WV roads and the picnic we had for them.

The WVBCC did quite well at the show. My TR6 won first place in the early class, Rick and Prema Ray's TR8 won their class, Kevin won second place in the MGB-GT class and Jim Blackwood won for most innovative car. The first place awards were presented the same way they do at the Doo Wop. The winners line up and drive past the reviewing stand to receive their plaques. I think all of the car shows should do it that way. The spectators are interested in the cars that win more than they are the people who own them.

They also have a pretty good way of preventing the same car from winning from year to year. They have a Premier class the includes the winning cars from the previous year. They also choose a winner from that class. If we go next year the Ray's and I will be in that class and parked separate from the other cars.

As you can tell, we had a great time!

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