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December Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club

Minutes of Meeting

December 2, 2017

Golden Corral, Cross Lanes, WV

Members Present were: Bill Michael, George White, Earl Arentz, Dan Blackwood, Barry McCoy, David Neil, Larry Stonestreet, Kevin Roberts, Mark Mason, Ken Rubin, Larry Kopelman, Richard Stephenson, Jim Schuman, William Hall.

The meeting was called to order by President, Bill Michael at 9:30AM.

Bill opened the meeting by first greeting all those present, then starting a discussion on the upcoming Christmas party (Saturday, December 9th at 6:00PM) to be held at the offices of Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler. A listing of those planning to attend and what type of dish to be brought was made, along with the various food and drink items the club is to provide. Thanks to members Charles & Cindra Justice for agreeing to host the party again at the law firm offices.

Mention was made of the upcoming International Auto Show at the Charleston Civic Center, January 19 through 21, 2018. We have been invited, as in past years to supply 5 of our member’s cars to the vintage car area upstairs.

Bill noted last month’s meeting at Bill Davis’ garage to view his fabulous car collection and the opportunity to hear some of his stories from over 50 years activity with antique cars. It was well attended by our members and several others.

A discussion of new club T-Shirts, perhaps long-sleeve, and with a new club logo was made. An idea was the possibility of having high school art students create a new image/logo for the club. Several T-Shirt makers were noted as possibilities to do the new shirts: Artistic Promotions, Hometown Sportswear, Triple C.

Bill opened a discussion regarding the Doo Wop car show, questioning ift we want to sponsor a trophy next year or focus on other events. Mention was made of the Waynesboro, VA show (an all-British show), the same weekend as the Doo Wop. Other all-British shows were mentioned: Mt. Airy, NC in April 2018 and Dayton, OH Spring 2018.

Richard Stephenson asked for ideas for next year’s MGC Registry convention. He is preferring something Northern and between the East Coast and the Mid-West. Hershey, PA, Pittsburg, PA and Lewisburg, WV were named as possibilities.

President Michael adjourned the meeting at 10:30AM for the after meeting kibitzing session.

Wm Hall, Secretary

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