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August Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club Minutes of Meeting August 4, 2018 Golden Corral, Cross Lanes, WV

Members Present were: Dan Blackwood, Jim Blackwood, Jim Patrick, Barry McCoy, David Neil, Ken Rubin, Don & Susan Jeffers, Richard Stephenson, Bob Wright, Charles & Cindra Justice, Larry Stonestreet, Nick Konovitch, George White, Larry Kopleman, Wes Holliday, William Hall

The meeting was called to order by Secretary, William Hall at 9:30AM.

Bill first greeted all those present, and explained that President Bill Michael and Vice President Kevin Roberts could not attend as today they are at the British Car Show in Dayton, Ohio.

Old Business Discussion and Treasurer’s report.

Bill called for a discussion of old business. There being none, he then moved to the treasurer’s report. As the treasurer could not attend today’s meeting, Bill gave an abbreviated report that we have approximately $1,500 in the club’s account, similar to last month.

Before going into new business, Bill led a discussion of events occurring in the past month:

Dan Blackwood related his experience, along with his brother Jim Blackwood, at the annual British V8 Club meet in Dayton, Ohio July 11 through 16. More cars were present this year. There were many events including a tour of the Air Force Museum, Bi-plane rides, a picnic, a tour of a local restoration shop (which restored the car winning the inaugural Greenbrier Con Cours event this past spring) and, of course the car show and awards banquet.

Richard Stephenson related his experience at this year’s Pittsburgh Grand Prix held July 11 through 14. The event includes car shows and a vintage car race through Schenley Park. This was also the location of the MGC Registries’ annual convention. Events included a ride up the incline to “The View 412” restaurant, a tour of “Falling Waters”, sightseeing opportunities and an awards banquet Sunday PM.

New Business Discussion:

Larry Kopleman related several upcoming events: August 17 & 18: A reopening event at the Hurricane Wave Park; cruise-in Friday @5 followed by the Esquires performing 6 – 9PM; Saturday car show.

Kevin Roberts is nearly ready to open his new garage - KARS (for Kevin’s Automotive Repair Service) on Roxalana Road in Dunbar, and is having a cookout for the club at the shop on August 25th. The Oak Hill Leaf Festival will be Sunday September 2nd, featuring a cruise-in and the Esquires performing.

Our club will be assisting the East Bank Reunion once again Friday, September 28. We will handle the bar and registration, and what-ever else may be required, as we have done in the past years.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 by Secretary Hall to the parking lot for the usual tire kicking, etc.

Wm Hall, Secretary

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