• Bill Hall

East Bank High School Reunion 2018

Thanks to all the folks from East Bank High School their friends and guests for making us feel welcome. It was another great evening. We were once again asked to tend bar and handle the registration desk.

Wow; these folks know how to party. With the Esquires playing classic music, WVBCC serving refreshments, Tudors/Gino's catering the food, and The Charleston Metro Band, how could it have been any better. The Charleston Metro Band was a new addition this year and they were great. We've got three of our members in the band. Larry Kopelman, Jimmy Lee and Rusty Patrick.

We've gotten to know some of the people from East Bank and they seem to enjoy us being there. I did most of the prep work with the help of Dan Blackwood and our other volunteers. Tending bar was Mary Beth Robinson, Connie Mason and Cindra Justice. They were backed up by Barry McCoy handing them their orders and Mark Robinson keeping everything iced down. The rest of us supervised. It looked like a state road crew. The girls tending bar and Me, Richard Stephenson, Larry Stonestreet, Mark Mason, Charlie Justice, and Steve Ewing leaning on our shovels. Jim and Rusty Patrick did their normal stellar job taking care of the registration desk.

Every year we get better at estimating what we will need. Next year we'll buy a little more of this and not so much of that. Since we had quite a few requests for liquor this year we may add that to our offerings next year.

Even though the attendance seemed to be a little down, there must have been more drinkers this year because we made more money than we ever have. In fact we blew away last year's record profits and set a new record. I'll let you know how much we made at our Thursday evening Pistons & Pints. Perhaps we made more money because we had the girls tending bar.

Here's the photos I took.


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