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October Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club Minutes of Meeting October 4, 2018 The Bucket, Charleston, WV

Members Present were: Bill Michael, Brent Van Deysen, Dan & Pam Blackwood, Jim Patrick, Barry McCoy, David Neil, Ken Rubin, Jamie & Angie Chenoweth, Robbie Chenoweth, Nathan Arnett, Kevin & Jennifer Roberts, Steve Ewing, Mark & Connie Mason, Mark & Mary Beth Robinson, Richard Stephenson, Charles & Cindra Justice, Larry & Chris Kopleman, Rick Pankau, William Hall

President Bill Michael called the meeting to order at 6:00PM. Due to having the meeting combined with a monthly Pistons & Pints, the meeting will be on an abbreviated basis.

Bill welcomed Rick Pankau, new member, who is the owner of a 1975 MGB.

The members voted, as a chapter of the North American MG Association, for the office of president. After a discussion of the various candidates, the vote went to Terry Allen.

The club also chose the slate of officers of the WVBCC for the coming year: Bill Michael, President; Kevin Roberts, Vice-President; Jamie Chenoweth, Treasurer; Wm Hall, Secretary. Voting will be at the November meeting and the new term starts in December.

Bill Michael led a discussion of the club’s participation in the East Bank High School reunion on September 28th. As in the past, club members registered guests, tended bar, and attended to any needs of the reunion for the evening. The bar tending grossed $958 this year. Up considerably from last year. However, included was a bogus $50. What to do about this was discussed with the decision that since all funds received were donations to the club, no further action should be taken.

Jamie Chenoweth noted that we now have approximately $2,400 in the club treasury.

Bill discussed the possibility of the club purchasing several “give-away” items such as license plate frames, hats, t-shirts, coffee cups, etc with the club’s logo on each. This will be researched and commented on in later meetings.

The Black Walnut Festival will have a car show on Sunday, October 14th and a number of members are planning on attending. Nathan Kendall, a new member of the club, is the organizer this year and will save spaces for our club member’s cars – a head count totaled 11 to participate. The plan is to meet at 9:30AM that Sunday at Harding’s Restaurant (at the Mink Shoals exit of I79) and go as a group to the show.

The meeting was adjourned by President Michael at 6:30PM.

Wm Hall, Secretary

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