• Bill Hall

Cookout at KARS

It was another great event with Kevin Roberts hosting the WVBCC members at his newly opened garage on Roxalana Rd. in Charleston.

We had over 20 members attend this function and I believe we all had a great time; as we always do. You can see by the pictures who was there. We also welcomed a new member Jack & Beverly Sampson with his 73 Triumph GT6.

Advance Auto Parts commercial division provided some door prizes. Thank you Advance Auto Parts!

We also had some Marshall vs FAU football tickets donated. We gave those away as the grand prize. Kevin's best friend Tommy won them but since he wasn't able to use them we gave them to Richard Reese's son Derick. Have a good time Derick and I hope Marshall wins.

Kevin cooked up some great brisket, pork, hamburgers & hot dogs. Members brought food to share and there was plenty left over.

Here are the photos I took:


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