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Fairplane Yacht Club & Appalachian Distillery Cruise

This was another wonderful cruise. Our members never disappoint when it comes to planning cruises. Richard Stephenson put together a great cruise that was somewhat different than some of our other cruises.

The first thing he did was order up a beautiful day, all be it a little cool. We started at the Scott Depot park & ride and traveled a new route. We went over to Winfield and then over Red House hill and eventually to Fairplane and the Yacht Club and Distillery.

Near by were the stockyards and there was quite a bit of activity over there. Lots of cattle being brought in for sale and the cows were letting their displeasure known. I think they knew what was coming next.

Next we toured the Distillery. This is definitely a hand crafted product. Dwayne Freeman and his lovely daughters do all the work and staff the store. Most of what they make is moonshine of various flavors but my favorite was the sour mash bourbon whiskey. They make plain whiskey as well. I didn't know that the only real difference was that whiskey is aged in old barrels and bourbon whiskey is aged in new barrels. We were able to taste any of their products. The Spit Fire Moonshine was popular with the Triumph guys.

Lunch was next at the Fairplane Yacht Club next door. Jeff & Cindy Paxton were excellent hosts and were very glad we came to have lunch. Their restaurant was very nice and the service and food was excellent. I'm not sure the lake next to the restaurant would handle a yacht, in fact I'm not sure it would even handle a dingy; but it's the idea that's important. I, for one, loved the name and the irony. Of course the best part was the conversations among the members.

We were glad to see Gil and Damon Frederick. They showed up in their Ferrari. We would have welcomed such a beautiful Italian car but they decided to park well away from our British cars.

Then it was on to nearby Cedar Lakes. The Statts Mill covered bridge was a great background for the photo session we had.

We took quite a few pictures as you can see below.

Until next time.

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