• Charles Justice

Carter Caves Cruise 2019

Charlie, Cindra, Mark, Connie & Dave departed from St. Albans and cruised down Route 60. Along the way, we picked up Rick and Prema in Hurricane, then Dan and Pam west of Culloden. After a brief stint down I-64 to bypass the downtown Huntington activities, we picked up Roger and Trish in Ceredo. We took Route 168 and Skyline Drive to bypass all of the Ashland activities. After a stop for refreshments at the Ashland DQ, we made our way down Route 60 to Grayson and then in to Carter Caves. It was all in all about a couple of hours of windshield time.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Lodge. Some liked the food, and some didn’t, but we had a nice table and enjoyed some good laughs and fellowship.

A church group of motorcyclists (yes, you read that correctly) was there and one if the members graciously took some nice photos for us.

After lunch, Roger and Trish departed for Ohio. The rest of us drove to the welcome center to look around. Dan and Pam stayed to brave the heat and do some hiking. Carter Caves is certainly a beautiful place.

The rest of the crew headed back via the same route. While stopping for gas in Grayson, we were approached by Tim Preston, the editor of the Carter County Post. He talked to us and took some pictures. We will be featured in his publication https://www.cartercountypost.com.

Here's the link to the article along with more photos. https://www.cartercountypost.com/2019/09/roadsters-at-racers-west-virginia.html?m=0

It was a very pleasant return cruise and all in all a great day.

Pictures below.



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