• Bill Hall

Low Country Boil

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Ken Rubin hosted our September Pistons & Pints at his home in St. Albans. As always, most everyone had a great time and the food was abundant and excellent. I had never had low country boil but it was delicious. All the ingredients seemed to pick up some of the flavor of the other ingredients and the Prawns were absolutely huge. Ken also had burgers and several members brought dishes to share.

Ken invited his girlfriend Susie's family as well. They were a great addition. They brought a Cornhole game that was a lot of fun.

If you missed this event you really missed out. Ken enjoys entertaining and I imagine he will host us again. His home is perfect with lots of parking and a huge deck and very few bugs. Apparently Ken recruited some bats to rid the area of bugs.

See the photos below for who was there.


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