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August Meeting Minutes

August Meeting Minutes WV British Car Club August 14, 2021 Members Present were: Barry McCoy, Roger McCoy, Eric Stuber, Charley & Cindra Justice, Frank Shumer, Jamie Chenoweth, David Chenoweth, Jack Sampson, Mark Mason, Keith Fischer, Bill Michael, George White, Josh Miller, Martha Martin, Larry Kopelman, Richard Stephenson, David King, William Hall. Mark Mason called the meeting to order at 10:05AM. The meeting was held at the St. Albans City Roadside Park. A get‐well card was passed around for David Neal, wishing him a speedy recovery and return to our club functions. Mark asked the members to share information on any new car projects or vehicles. George White related that his son, Alex, from Louisville, gifted him a red 1978 MGB for a Father’s Day present. He stated that since he gave his son his first car, Alex was returning the favor. Mark informed the members of last Saturday’s British car show in Dayton, OH. Mark Mason & Bill Michael came away with “Awards of Excellence”. On Friday several of the group toured the Packard Museum in Dayton. Also last Saturday, several members drove their cars to a cruise‐in at Paddler’s Restaurant in Clendenin. Paddlers is a new restaurant owned by Angie Chenoweth’s cousin. Several commented on the good food. Upcoming Events: Solid Goldtown Car Show at Goldtown, WV, Saturday, August 21st, sponsored by Larry Bailey, in memory of DJ “Super Duper” Charlie Cooper. British Car & Motorcycle Show Jackson, Ohio Sunday September 5th at the home of Greg & Kay Ervin. Show begins 1PM. The address is 1601 Mt. Zion Road, Jackson, OH. RSVP by August 23rd to (740) 710‐ 2241 or East Bank Reunion: September 24th at the Beni Kedem Lodge beginning 5PM. As in past years, we will be manning the registration desk and tending bar. This has been a good fund raiser for the club. We supply the beer, wine, etc for the bar and receive donations from the attendees. Rod Run & Doo Wop car Show, Charleston, WV on October 7th through 9th, with a kick‐off at the Cabela’s on Corridor G Wednesday PM.

Richard Stephenson proposed a club cruise to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine on Sunday, October 16th. In addition to the mine tour, we can tour their “Coal Camp” which includes coal camp house, miner’s shanty, church, school and a museum and gift shop. Our Club Car Show is scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd at the Beni Kedem Lodge parking lot. Barry McCoy noted that our web page has not been updated for several years. As it is time to redo and update the member information, we need to find an individual with some experience with this that could volunteer their time. Jamie Chenoweth noted that the new T‐Shirts just arrived and will be available at the next meeting. Angie was working to put each member’s order together. With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 10:50 AM. Wm Hall Secretary

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