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January 2021 Meeting Minutes

January Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club

January 9, 2021

Members Present were: Dan Blackwood, Jamie Chenoweth, Jack & Beverly Sampson, Ken Rubin, Don & Susan Jeffers, Don Gross, Kevin & Teresa Halloran, Nathan Arnett, Mark Mason, Bill Michael, George White, Earl Arentz, Chares Hypes, Eric Stuber, Jim Patrick, Steve Reed, Mark Robinson, William Hall.

Mark Mason called the meeting to order at 10:45AM.

Mark thanked Bill Michael, Jamie Chenoweth and Dan Blackwood for the coffee mugs as an ongoing part of our club regalia. The mugs sported a new club logo. Every member is to get one for free, and a small charge ($8.00) for any extras wanted.

Mark then went around the room and had each member inform the group of any winter project(s) they have in regard to their British cars. It seemed everyone had something going on to get ready for the 2021 driving season.

Mark noted that our member Frank Schuler passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our sympathy and prayers go out to his family.

A brief discussion was made of upcoming events:

Spring cruise to Hawk’s Nest

Kevin Roberts wants to do a movie night at his shop. He may have a popcorn machine as well by then.

Road Rally & Scavenger Hunt. Kevin & Teresa Halloran are making plans for the event tentatively starting at the Harding Restaurant at Mink shoals, lunch at the Yacht Club in Ripley or at a winery, etc.

Charles Hypes wants to do another get together at his shop in Proctorville, OH.

Oct 9th will be our club car show at the Beni Kedem lodge in Charleston.

April 17th will be the Gathering British car show in Dobson, NC

The Regalia Committee (Bill M., Janie & Dan) discussed additional club items that are in the works: ink pens – available now, new club T-Shirts – they are waiting on a new logo for the back of the shirt which has apparently been delayed due to the COVID Pandemic. $15 for silk screened shirts and $20 for embroidered shirts. In-Stiches is to do the shirts. The plan is, like the coffee mugs, to give each member one and sell extras.

Mark will order a half-dozen license frames for the next meeting to get an idea of what is available and what the members would prefer.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.

Wm Hall


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