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October Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club

Minutes of Meeting

October 3, 2020

Members Present were: David Neil, Jack & Beverly Sampson, George White, Josh Miller, Mark Mason, Jamie Chenoweth, David Chenoweth, Eric Steuber, Earl Arentz, Barry McCoy, Martha Marten, Bowman Alexander, Larry Kopelman, Bill Michael, Ken Rubin & Diana, Jim Patrick, Charles Hypes, J R Noland, Richard Reese, Luke Nunley, Richard Stephenson, William Hall.

The meeting was called to order by Bill Michael, President, at approximately 10:45AM. The meeting was held at the St. Albans Roadside Park under one of the picnic shelters. The club provided coffee and donuts to the members.

As there were several new members present, Bill had each member introduce themselves and tell a little bit about their British car(s).

He then started a discussion of last Saturday’s tour of Charley Hypes' shop and the cruise afterwards to Gallipolis. The weather was great for a top-down cruise. The members enjoyed the tour and hospitality of Charley and Teresa Hypes. Nineteen cars then made the cruise to the Gallipolis fairgrounds and joined a car show in progress there.

Nominations for the 2021 slate of officers was made: President – Mark Mason, Vice-President – Barry McCoy, Secretary – William Hall, Treasurer – Jamie Chenoweth. A vote will be taken at the November meeting.

Due to the cooler fall weather, potential indoor meeting sites were discussed. Richard Reese has offered his garage/man-cave and Larry Kopelman suggested the Eagles Nest Restaurant at Little Creek Park (which has a separate meeting room we could use). We will most likely alternate between suitable locations as the cold weather season progresses. The president will send out an email to inform everyone where the month’s meeting site will be several days in advance.

Ken Rubin raised the question of establishing a cruise protocol, the purpose of which would be to coordinate the lead and end cars and keeping the group intact. Thus, we could better account for all the participants, especially when taking routes that are unfamiliar to some of the members.

Richard Stephenson discussed a potential cruise to the Skyline Drive-in in Hilltop, West Virginia. This was the drive-in where Hank Williams, Sr. was discovered dead in the back seat of a vehicle. He was being chauffeured to his next performance. A local couple has purchased and restored the diner and serves their signature “West Virginia Style Hot Dogs”. The inside is decorated with memorabilia regarding Hank Williams. We are, tentatively to meet at 9:30AM at the Greenbrier Street parking lot on Saturday, October 17th.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:45AM.

William L. Hall, Secretary

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