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September Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club

Minutes of Meeting

September 12, 2020

Members Present were: David Neil, Jack & Beverly Sampson, Mike Berlin, Kevin & Teresa Halloran, George White, Josh Miller, Dan Blackwood, Mark Mason, Jamie Chenoweth, David Chenoweth, Earl Arentz, Barry McCoy, Roger McCoy, Martha Marten, Bowman Alexander, Larry Kopelman, Bill Michael, Don & Susan Jeffers, Jim Patrick Don & Sharon Gross, Nathan Arnett.

The meeting was called to order by Bill Michael, President, at approximately 9:30AM. The meeting was held at the St. Albans Roadside Park under one of the picnic shelters.

The club provided coffee and donuts from The Spring Hill Pastry Shop for the members.

Officer nominations for the upcoming 2 year terms was discussed. Those volunteering to serve are Mark Mason -President, Barry McCoy -Vice President, Bill Hall – Treasurer, Jamie Chenoweth – Treasurer, Nathan Arnett – NAMGBR Liaison, Charlie Justice – Cruise Director.

Perspective new members Keith Fisher and Julie Wifman were at the meeting and we took a few minutes to introduce ourselves and let them know where we lived and what cars we had. They did join after the meeting.

Our upcoming car show was discussed. Barry McCoy moved and Dan Blackwood seconded that we establish a $500 budget for the show. Motion passed unanimously. Mark Mason is in charge of the show and he spoke about when, where and what we need for the show. The show will be Saturday, October 10th from 10:00AM until 4:00PM at the Beni Kedem Shrine Temple in Charleston. We will need Volunteers and Prizes. Mark has arranged for a food truck to be there and Kevin Roberts will be the DJ. Larry Kopelman will check again with the Beni Kedem people to make sure they are still OK with us having the show there. We also discussed alternate locations if needed.

Bill Michael told the club about the Automotive History Preservation Society that he heard about on the AutoSmarts radio show. The society has digitized manuals, magazine articles, sales brochures, assembly manuals, etc. for as many cars as they can find. You can check them out at

There were a few tech updates.

Bill Michael told about his TR6 problems. After changing the fuel filter there was a leak, after repairing that the car was running rough and finally wouldn't start at all. He and Kevin Roberts discovered that none of the injectors were delivering fuel even though the fuel pump was running. Bill send the computer off to the vendor and they determined that the computer was fine. Eventually he discovered that he was out of fuel. Once there was fuel in the tank the car started and was derivable but still had a misfire problem. That problem is ongoing. Mark Mason gave bill an indicator light for low fuel and tank leak. Everyone had a good laugh a Bill's expense.

Bill proceeded to tell of Bill Hall's foible. His newly acquired TR250 wouldn't turn over. Bill thought the engine was seized. He bought a spare engine from Jamie Chenoweth. He had the car towed to Kevin's and upon arrival Kevin jiggled a wire on the starter solenoid and the car started. Everyone again had a good laugh, this time at Bill Hall's expense.

Dan gave a tech update on his alternator problems. He believes they are solved now.

Jamie gave an update on his E-Type restoration. Specifically the alternator. He discovered a cracked bracket and was able to take it to Joe McGrath at the Weld Shop next to the old Value City location in Jefferson. Jamie highly recommends Joe for any welding you need done.

Keith Fisher and Kevin Halloran gave us an update on the Greenbrier Concours d-Elegance.

We discussed our next activity which is a club drive on Saturday September the 26th organized by Earl Arentz We talked about visiting Charles Hypes garage and then going to Gallipolis for a picnic lunch in the park there. We will communicate the details via email when they become available.

Bill Michael adjourned the meeting at 10:30AM.

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