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Pistons & Pints at Happy Days

Pistons & Pints at Happy Days

We had light attendance but some great car talk. Larry Kopelman was back from Florida and it was great to see him. Kevin Roberts and his daughter were there. Steve Ewing was also there and we talked about the Myaberry's cruise in Friday night. I'll be there and Kevin, Larry and Steve said they may be there. Mark Mason and Connie were there and Mark said he might come to Mayberry's as well.

Dave Neil and Barry McCoy were also there and talking cars. Dan Blackwood talked about his transmission rebuild. Specifically lining up the two sets of splines. That seemed to be a great discovery. I also had a great discovery while working on my alternator. I took it apart to paint it and of course the brushes came out. I discovered that a paper clip through a tiny hole in the back will hold them in place while you put the armature back in. I also discovered that if you don't disconnect the battery you run a high likelihood of grounding the alternator and damaging it. Therefore, I now have a new alternator.

We also talked politics for a very brief time. I'm voting for Clifford the Big Red Dog and I encourage you to do the same. He'll probably do better than any of the other candidates.

Food was good, friends are great!

We missed you!

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