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What a Duo! Cars & Technology!

I just read, with great interest, the article in the June issue of Motor Trend.

As many of you know, I'm a car enthusiast just like you, but like many others of you I'm a technology enthusiast. The speculation in this article is very intriguing. The merging of personal transportation and the electronic personal assistant that our phones have become is something that isn't going to slow down. If anything, it will develop at an even faster rate than it already is. The possibilities are mind boggling.

According to Motor Trend, Apple has $216 billion dollars in cash stashed around the world. Again, according to Motor Trend that's enough money to buy the outstanding stock of GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler combined and then buy Detroit again. I'm not sure how you would buy Detroit or that you would even want to but that's what they said.

I'm a big fan of electric cars and the technology that is merging cars and phones together. I just hope the technology doesn't become a hindrance instead of a help. I've seen some examples of that recently with AAA and K-Mart.

I believe that if Apple were to partner with a major auto manufacturer, the end product would be superb and their assertion that this car may be shared is a relatively new concept that has great possibilities, especially in an urban setting. All this brings to mind a Vince Lombardi quote that I like a lot. “Perfection is impossible, If, however, we persue perfection, we will surely catch excellence”.

The article says all this much better than I can so I encourage you to pick up a copy of this month's Motor Trend and read about the iCar (my title, not theirs). Be sure to read the editor's column, “The Lohdown” in the front of the magazine. It gives you insight into the article.

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