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Vietnam Veterans Parade

Ken Rubin, our veteran who earned the Distinguished Service Cross, invited us to participate in this parade. We wanted to support, not only Ken, but all of the Vietnam Veterans.

Of course Ken was there with his beautiful wife Barbara, I was there, Barry McCoy came in from Ohio and Steve Ewing was there. All of us have been associated with the military in one way or another. Ken as a bonafide hero, me as a Vietnam era veteran, Barry as a Vietnam era veteran and our resident military expert and star of many Military Channel TV shows Steve Ewing. Steve was also the curator of the Naval museum at Patriots Point in South Carolina, home to the USS Yorktown. If Steve doesn't know about it, it didn't happen.

Smith motors had a new F-Type Jaguar in the parade for all you fans of Indian cars. Tata Motors ya know.

Our club was well represented with 4 cars but I must say the Corvette guys really showed up for this one. There must have been at least 15 old and new Corvettes in the parade. Kudos to them. Also, our club was mentioned from the reviewing stand. Pretty good exposure I think.

Here are the photos. Please note that my car was almost loaded onto the C-130.

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