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Welcome to the West Virginia British Car Club!  We hope you enjoy your visit.


"The purpose of the WVBCC is to encourage ownership, operation, and preservation of British motor vehicles.  To educate the public about these cars and their significance in engineering development as well as art."


Here, you will find several ways to connect to fellow British car owners and enthusiasts. Feel free to join us in exploring the world of British automobiles in America!


We can be reached by phone at 304-24WVBCC (304-249-8222) or e-mail at or by clicking the Facebook icon at the top of the page.

4th. Annual Car Show
Come One Come All

WVBCC Car Show 2023 Flyer.jpg

Upcoming Events

About the Calendar

There are two calendar displays. The top one shows the events in list form   The bottom one shows the entire month. At the top of each calendar are three informational boxes. The left most box is just the time differential between our time zone and GMT (Greenwich Mean Tim). The middle box is the current month with arrows on either side of the month. Clicking those arrows will take you to the previous month or the next month to see that month's events. If you have navigated away from the current month you can click the TODAY box to return to the current month.


The calendars are pretty straight forward. On the list view you are able to click on the event you are interested in to see it's details. On the month view, if there is a number in the date box, that means that there are that many events on that date. By clicking on the number you will be presented with a list of events. By then clicking on the event that you are interested in you will see the details of that event. Also, on both calendars you will see an option at the bottom to add that event to your personal Google calendar. Of course you have to have a Google calendar so the event will have some place to be copied to.

If you would like to become a member, just complete the form below and click submit. The form will be sent to us and we will put you on the email list. After submitting the form please mail your $25 dues check to:


PO Box 4823

Charleston, WV 25364

or you can pay your dues when you come to the next meeting.

To renew your membership, Please mail your annual $25.00 dues check to the above address.


If you have questions, please call 304-249-8222 or e-Mail

Minutes of our August Meeting

The West Virginia British Car Club is proud to be a chapter of the North American MGB Register. Click on the logo to the left to access the NAMGBR website.


Each logo is a hyperlink to a website that is specific to that particular Marque or Vendor. Just click on the logo and you will be taken to that website.

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