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Golden Oldies 44th. Annual Rod Run

The Golden Oldies Car Club had their spring car show today and boy was it cold. Not cold for winter but cold for May. We had our tops up while traveling but put them down at the show. Well, Kevin and I put ours down. John left his up. I think John puts his top down as much as Kevin Worthy puts his up. Anyway, we all know that life is better with the top down.

I was there with my TR6, Kevin Roberts had his awesome British Inspired Miata, John Riffe and his MGB were there and Steve Ewing with his 427 powered Corvette was there and Larry Kopelman showed up sans car. Jimmy Lee was also there but he was parked with his buddies from DuPont. He does that every year. Since he wasn't parked with us I forgot to get any photos of him. Sorry Jim. Dave Neil and Paulette stopped by to visit for a couple of minutes and then they were off to look at the cars. That's what car shows are for; right?

Here's a few of group photos.

I got some individual shots as well. Steve got there a little after the photos and I forgot to take an individual of him. Sorry Steve, I'll get ya next time, hopefully you'll be driving the Jag then.

Car shows are great times to tell stories and hear stories. Larry told us a Regatta story about Ray Charles. Since it was the Regatta, I'm surprised he was able to remember it. But he did and it was amusing. Steve's also good for a couple of good stories and John usually has a joke or two in him. Kevin's usually busy talking to someone about what they need done to their car and when he can do it. I mostly just sit around looking good.

We talked about what club activities are coming up. You know, Pistons & Pints Tuesday evening at Fat Patty's in Teays Valley and the Vietnam Veterans parade Thursday that Ken Rubin invited us to participate in. Steve said he would be at the parade, barring any unforeseen events, and I told him that if he was going to be there then I would be there. It would be great if other club members could be there too. I'm sure Ken would appreciate it. I'll send an e-mail about that. We also talked about a location for Pistons & Pints next month. I'll send an e-mail about that too, but we think a cookout at St. Albans roadside park would be a good idea.

I'm sure you're all waiting to hear who won the coveted trophies. OK, here ya go. Kevin, John and I all won top 50 trophies. I got mine first, then Kevin followed by John. So technically I beat Kevin and John; and Kevin beat John; and John beat Steve. Steve didn't win anything and said he was just there so the others of us could win. So the final results are Bill got first place, Kevin got second place and John got third place.

The last order of business was to put our tops up and go home and that's exactly what we did.

Watch the club calendar on the website for upcoming events and come out and enjoy the fun. After all, that's why you're in the club; right?

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