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Valentine's Day 2018 at Angela's on the River

What has become an annual tradition continued this year at Angela's on the River in St. Albans. What a great venue and the food and company were outstanding. Those present were:

Dan & Pam Blackwood

Charlie & Cindra Justice

Jim & Rusty Patrick

Earl & Debbie Arentz

Bill & Gayle Michael

Ken & Marilyn Rubin

Brent Van Deysen

Bill & Lilly Hall

Mark & Connie Mason

Rick & Prema Ray

Kevin & Jennifer Roberts

Larry Kopelman

George & Nadine White

Dave Neil

I want to recognize Mary Beth Robinson for all of her hard work putting this together. I wouldn't have been nearly as nice without her. She had help from Cindra Justice who is always willing to help with these events. Kudos to both of them. They are invaluable members of the club.

Unfortunately Mary Beth's husband Mark came down with the flu and was unable to attend and Mary Beth was coming down with it too, but was able to deliver the door prize earlier in the day. Jamie and Angie Chenoweth planned on being there but Angie got sick and they had to stay home. All those who were unable to come were missed.

Bill Michael gave a short toast and the evening began. Pam Blackwood was the ladie's door prize winner and Brent Van Deysen won the men's door prize. Mary Beth Robinson put together a beautiful gift basket with a bottle Champagne complete with those little tiny glasses, a plush blanket and many other froo, froo girly things. Brent won a car care kit complete with odor eliminator because, let's face it, sometimes we stink.

Each of the girls received a long stem red rose just to remind them it was Valentine's day and how much they are appreciated.

I've got the greatest job in the club. I get to give stuff away and Jamie has to pay for it.

Here are the photos from the event thanks to Charlie Justice.


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