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November Meeting Minutes

WVBCC Meeting Minutes November 6, 2021 The meeting was called to order by Mark Mason, President, at 10:00 AM. The meeting was held at Mark’s place on Roxalana Rd. Member Projects: Richard Reese talked about his TR6. Barry McCoy bought a C5 Corvette. Barry McCoy has an MGB as a winter project. Members Present:, Mark Mason, Eric Steubeer Bill Michael, Richard Reese, Barry McCoy, Patrick Wood, Dave Chenoweth, Charles Hypes, George White. Marty & Bowman Martin, Mark Robinson, Kevin Roberts, Ken Rubin, Jim Shuman, Larry Kopelman, Dave King. Barry McCoy mentioned that he was delivering cars that people had purchased. He recently delivered a 57 Thunderbird to Hagerty’s storage & social club in White Plains NY. He commented about how upscale it is. Richard Reese recently sold a Silver MGB. The guy drove up from NC, liked the car, bought the car and drove it back to NC. Mark Mason talked about converting his rubber bumper MGB to chrome bumpers. He was soliciting opinions about whether he should do it or not. Jim Shuman was taking to Spiro and they talked about John Hurt in Lewisburg. John has a lot of classic cars and they are all for sale. He is located in an old Ford dealership and has some of the cars in the showroom. Mark mentioned that it would be a good trip to take sometime in January. Charles Hypes talked about 65 spitfire he is working on the sell. He’ll put it on eBay for $8500 but will sell it to a club member for $7200. Items of Interest: The car show did well. We made $232.00. Mark Mason mentioned that Dan Blackwood would like to have an end of the year cruise. George White mentioned a Volkswagen for sale for $5500. Ken Rubin asked for prayer for his girlfriend Dianna. She will be having open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Barry McCoy mentioned the British V8 club meet in Wythville, VA. and thought it would be good for several club members to go and participate. The V8 guys may be coming through our area on their way to Wythville and we may want to have a picnic for them.

Dave Neil continues to get better and hopes to come to the January meeting. Upcoming Events: The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM. Bill Michael Substitute Secretary Our Christmas party is December 10. It will include the traditional gift exchange. We also discussed having a small band. Mark asked for $1000 to put on the party, a motion was made and the money was approved. Larry mentioned using Charlie Cooper music. Larry Kopelman will talk with Larry Bailey. We have beverages left over from the East Bank reunion. Pistons & Pints will be coming back this month. Mark will send out an email with details. Maybe on the 18th. Maybe at Jamie’s cousin’s place in Elkview.

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