• Bill Hall

NAMGBR Cookout 2019

Three British cars from Charlotte, NC traveled through our area on their way to Traverse City, MI for the annual meet of the North American MGB Register. They stopped over in Charleston and we hosted a cookout for them at Kevin's Garage (KARS) in Dunbar. With the 6 people traveling through the area and our members we had 40 people attend this event. It was our monthly Pistons & Pints event.

As always, Kevin was a wonderful host. We used the lifts as tables to eat at along with tables and chairs under canopies outside. We also had British Invasion music playing. Beatles, Monkeys, Doors, and other British bands from the 60s.

The weather cooperated pretty well with just a quick shower that wasn't really a problem.They brought three cars and six people including a very rare MGR V8, an MGB GT and an MGB roadster. Be sure and check out the photos of the MGR V8 made by Rover with a Rover V8 engine. It's a 92 model. Kevin had to do a little of his magic on the MGB GT but that probably shouldn't surprise us because they are British cars.

Everyone had a great time. Check out the photos.


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