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Fayetteville Flash Cruise 2019

Charlie Justice called a Flash Cruise to Fayetteville for Sunday the 25th at 1:00 PM. It was a grand success. We had 16 cars and 28 or 29 people. This is one of the largest cruises we have ever had. It equaled a cruise we had earlier when Dan was our President.

The weather was perfect. Several folks responded saying that they would be there and even more showed up unannounced. That is exactly how a Flash Cruise works. Charlie has volunteered to be our cruise director but anyone can call a Flash Cruise at anytime. A Flash Cruise is a cruise that is unplanned and on short notice. The last one we had was to the Steak Escape in Barboursville. We had 4 cars and about 8 people. Certainly not as many as this cruise but successful none the less.

Everyone had a great time and our lunch/dinner establishment, Pies & Pints in Fayetteville did a great job at handling that many people on such short notice.

We gathered at our normal spot, the parking lot near the capitol, at 1:00 PM and were on the road by about 1:15 or so. What a sight to see that many British cars, with a few others mixed in, all in a line heading up Rt. 60. As usual we stopped at the Glenn Ferris Inn for visiting and a bathroom stop. Then it was off to conquer Gauley Mountain; again. This time we drove through the parking lot at Hawks Nest and went right back down the mountain to Chimney Corner. From there we took Rt. 16 to Fayetteville and Pies & Pints. After we ate we all went our own direction back home. As you can see by the photos, some folks headed down under the bridge to Fayette Station. It's a great place to see the bridge and enjoy the river.

We only have two rules for cruises. No wreckin and no breakin down. Everyone was kind enough to abide by both rules.

Check out the photos below and try and make the next Flash Cruise. Watch your email. Ya never know when they come up. See how many of the people you can name.

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