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Mark & Connie Mason are the bomb - Epic Fall Cruise

It appears that Sundays are a popular day for cruises. We had 13 cars participate in this cruise and it was absolutely perfect. I believe that's a record number of cars to go on a cruise. Mark and Connie worked together to plan the route and secure a lunch venue that couldn't be beat.

We mustered (Navy talk) at our normal place. The parking lot at the corner of Washington and Greenbrier Streets. Then it was on to Glen Ferris. Also a familiar place for our group. From there we cruised up Gauley Mountain to Hawks Nest.

You know; we've done this drive many times now and I think it's just perfect for our cars. We get to listen to the exhaust note, shift a few gears and experience some g's. From what I've heard about the Tail of the Dragon, I think Gauley mountain may be better, especially when you combine it with Sewell mountain that is next in line along Rt. 60.

Speaking of performance, the Bentley Jamie was driving had no problem with the mountains or the twistys. What a great automobile. The exhaust smells like quality!

From Hawks Nest we cruised through the beautiful Greenbrier valley to Lewisburg. After thrashing around Fairlea a little bit we made it to When Pigs Fly Bar-B-Que. The folks there were very glad we came and were most accommodating. We were even able to have a beer in true Pistons & Pints tradition.

The lunch conversation was great fun and the little girl waiting on us just couldn't have been cuter. She had the most beautiful smile.

After lunch we parted ways. Each to return home by their chosen route. Some went back via I-64 and some back the way we came. Jamie, Dave, Mark, Rick and I chose to travel the "back azimuth" (more Navy talk) to our respective domiciles.

All in all it was a great day with no incidents or breakdowns.

The driving season is winding down now and it's time to start thinking about or winter car projects. I'll be anxious to hear about what everyone has planned. We can discuss them during our wintertime meetings.

Cheers and Tally Ho for now.


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