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An Open Letter to the British V8 Club

British cars with big engines and British car lovers with big hearts. What could be better?

The West Virginia British Car Club was honored to be able to host the British V8 club with a picnic at the shelter at Hawks Nest State Park Overlook in Anstead, WV. God gave us West Virginia to enjoy and He also gave us perfect weather for the picnic. We had about 85 people enjoying some great hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixins.

We had some great conversations and saw some amazing cars. The innovation and quality of the modifications to our beloved British cars was nothing short of phenomenal. Who knew you could fit an entire Corvette LS1 engine and drive train in a TR6? Calvin did! And who would have dreamed of a 351 Windsor in a Jaguar? A Spitfire with a small block Chevy? Unbelievable! Of course our beloved Roadmaster was there with the 455 Buick engine. Jim Blackwood and friends executed that transformation with apparent ease. These were just a few of the cars at the picnic.

We met people from not too far away and very far away. I remember folks from Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Illinois, North and South Carolina and Maryland as well as California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Delaware, Indiana, Missouri and even Canada. A few other states were represented as well. I just can't remember them all.

Everyone was very complimentary of our state and it's beauty. The mountains, the valleys, the rivers and streams and the waterfalls. They enjoyed and appreciated all of it. One fellow even commented that the reason he came to this event was because it was being held in West Virginia.

And then there were the mountain roads! We have some of the best twistys in the country. I think those of us who live here and take advantage of our winding, tree lined roads, take them for granted sometimes. The interaction with people who aren't familiar with them helped to bring home how much we should appreciate the beauty we enjoy here in West Virginia.

The British V8 club was able to enjoy, not only, the curvy roads but the beautiful Greenbrier Valley, the New River Gorge Bridge and of course the Greenbrier Resort. The planned activities included a tour of the Cass Railroad engine shop and a ride on the scenic Cass Railroad, tours of a distillery and brewery and much, much more. Their visit to K2 motorsports included some dyno pulls. I'm sure the HP and torque readings were impressive to some and perhaps disappointing to others. My car doesn't go on dynos because the results would force me to then tell the truth about my own HP and torque. It's much more fun to speculate.

We, the West Virginia British Car Club, thank the British V8 Club for coming to our state and having a great time. Our wish is that you return soon and often. Our former Governor, Bob Wise, commented that “Once you have supped at the headwaters of a West Virginia stream you will always return”. I believe that to be true and therefore look forward to seeing all of you again, because you HAVE supped at the headwaters of a West Virginia stream.

We pray for your health and happiness and success in all that you do.

See ya,

Bill Michael President

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