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November 2020 Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

WV British Car Club

November 7, 2020

Members Present were: Dan Blackwood, Don Fugate, Jamie Chenoweth, David & Carol Chenoweth, Mike Berlin, Jack & Beverly Sampson, Ken Rubin & Diana, Don & Susan Jeffers, Don & Sharon Gross, Kevin Halloran, Nathan Arnett, Mark Mason, Keith & Julie Fischer, Mark Robinson, Bill Michael, David Neil, George White, Josh Miller, Martha Martin, Bowman Alexander, Larry Kopelman, Richard Stephenson, Earl Arentz, Kevin Roberts, William Hall.

Bill Michael called the meeting to order at 10:40AM.

The slate of officers for the upcoming year was announced by President Michael: Mark Mason - President, Barry McCoy - Vice-President, Jamie Chenoweth – Treasurer, William Hall – Secretary. The slate of officers was approved by acclimation by all of the members present.

A brief report was made by Richard Stephenson about the recent “last ride” cruise to Oak Hill to the Skyline Diner. Richard reminded the members that although the annual Hank Williams tribute concert will not be held this coming January, 2021 due to Covid19, it is scheduled to reappear in January 2022.

Bill Michael then opened a discussion on the possibility of the club holding a SCCA Road Rally. Kevin Halloran and David Chenoweth related some of the road rally basics – time, speed, distance; setting up and manning checkpoints, the point system, etc. This is a possibility that may be taken up in the upcoming year.

Christmas Party: President Michael led a discussion of the possibility of having the annual Christmas Party this year, despite the COVID threat. The current limitations are groups of 25 or less, which would preclude us being able to have everyone to attend. However, it was noted that we should proceed with finding a location, in the event circumstances allow us to have the event. Larry Kopelman volunteered to contact three different places: The Beni Kedem Shrine, the Charleston Moose and the Little Creek Restaurant. December 12th (Saturday) is the preferred date.

Bill Michael recognized our new members: Keith and Julie Fisher, the owners of a very nice 1976 Triumph Tr6.

Ken Rubin noted the he has sold one of his Jaguars to a gentleman in Texas and his MGB to Charlie Hypes of our club.

Bill Michael noted that we had intended to do a 10th anniversary cookout, however it was postponed due to the COVID crisis. A 10th anniversary T-Shirt is in the works from the Graphic Design department of the Cabell County Vo Tech Center. The students came up with the designs and several were selected to go on the T-Shirts. All of the members will get one, possibly given out at the Christmas party, and extras can be purchased.

Kevin Roberts announced he was starting to do body and paint repairs at his shop. Also, he will be doing fuel injection conversions for MGs for around 3K.

Richard Stephenson conducted a brief tech session on replacing single filament bulbs with LEDs. It is an easy conversion and improves the brightness.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 AM.

Wm Hall


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