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West Virginia International Car Show 2016

We were once again invited to participate in the West Virginia International Car Show this year. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite as expected. We were to have our cars lifed up by crane on Wednesday and on that day it began to snow. Four of us braved the elements and had our cars in the show. We were Kevin Roberts, Dave Neil, Bill Michael and Nathan Arnette. Even though the weather was bad there were about 30 classic cars that showed up.

The next day, Thursday, the weather cooperated and we were able to clean up our cars and get them ready for the show that started the next day, Friday. That's when everything went South, or should I say North. As we all know, it began to snow Friday and continued Saturday. The result was 18.6" of snow. Needless to say none of us could get to the show. However, I think Dave Neil was able to get there one day. I talked to one fellow who was there on Saturday and he estimated that there may have been 10 people in the building.

Monday was the day our cars were to come back down from the second floor. The weather was good but most of the roads were still bad. Certainly not the kind of roads you would want to drive your pride and joy on. The Civic Center made arrangements for us to park our cars in the parking building accross the street, which we did. There was actually a pretty nice car show over there later in the day. We felt pretty good about the safety of our cars. We were on the 3rd. floor along with the Charleston police cruisers. With the car locked up and covered up I headed home not knowing when I would be able to get my car back home. As luck would have it by the time I got home, the roads I needed were clear and since it was going to rain the next day I went back to the parking garage and brought my car home without incident.

That Wednesday I was able to wash the car and spent about 30 minutes spraying the salt from the bottom of my car. Then the wash job.

Here are the pictures I took. Hopefully you can get a sense of how the show went.

In line to be lifted up on Wednesday

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